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Ofqual Reg Number: 603/6132/3
Guided Learning Hours: 28
Total Qualification Time: 172
Start Date: 03/08/2020
Review Date: 30/08/2026
Registration Fee: £65

The Transcend Level 4 Certificate in Archon Fitness Profiling is a revolutionary Ofqual regulated vocational qualification that sits in sector subject area 8.1: Sport leisure and recreation. It is exclusively designed to enhance the professional scope of practice of sport, fitness and health coaches.  

This qualification is developed with fitness profiling pioneers Archon as the technical collaborator. It is validated though CIMSPA endorsement and successful learners will achieve 10 CIMSPA CPD points. 

The aim of the qualification is to enable coaches to use the Archon Standards and System as a transformational fitness profiling and performance enhancement technique.  

Archon Standards are coached and assessed using accurate movement techniques. Results are analysed via the Archon App which is a ground-breaking digital fitness testing platform. The Archon App calibrates fitness levels using tailored, personal metrics. Coaches will be able to deliver Archon Combine events to influence participant engagement and to enhance their performance.  

Successful coaches will be able to support sustainable transformation in sport, fitness and health through: 

Archon Standards 

Effective coaching and valid assessment of accurate movement techniques 

Archon Systems 

Reliable results, analysis and progression planning based on algorithms tailored to each participants unique characteristics 

Archon Combines 

Revolutionary benchmarking via group fitness testing events  


The Archon Standards and System are uniquely designed for coaches to engage participants AND enhance performance. Senior leaders in sport, fitness and health will benefit from BIG Data Analytics to identify megatrends that drive transformation strategies.   

Every learner will gain FREE access to the Archon App for the duration of their programme.   

The Archon App complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 through robust security measures and best practice protocols. This ensures that personal data is protected through a secure environment for all users and their participants.  

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