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We are proud to be an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation. Our resolute dedication to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is what sets us apart.

Our awarding status and social change culture, enables us to deliver sustainable value through globally recognised education and employability awards.


At the heart of our organisation are exceptional people, who possess a unique blend of awarding and industry expertise.

Renowned for disruptive thinking, we embrace stakeholder feedback, harness the power of big data, and identify emerging trends that shape our world.

This enables us to develop transformational education products and innovative industry solutions, within our scope of expertise in the following areas:

transcend awards
Leadership, management and operations

Transcend Awards - Transformational Awarding Organisation
Public health, safety and

transcend awards
Education and quality

Transcend Awards - Transformational Awarding Organisation
Active leisure, exercise and fitness

transcend awards
Transformational coaching

Transcend Awards - Transformational Awarding Organisation
Skills Mastery and Social Impact


Empowering learning, creativity and innovation.

The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the collective voice of the UK’s world-class qualifications and assessments industry.

Chartered institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity Incorporated by Royal Charter Charity registration number 1144545

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