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Transcend Level 3 Award in the Operational Inspection of Playgrounds and Activity Facilities

Transcend Awards Visual Inspection of Play Area
Ofqual Reg Number: 603/5312/0
Guided Learning Hours: 12
Total Qualification Time: 30
Start Date: 01/01/2020
Review Date: 31/08/2029
Registration Fee: £35

Transcend Play Area Inspectors is a suite of Ofqual regulated vocational qualification that sit in sector subject area 1.3 Health and social care.  

The rationale for the development of these regulated qualifications is to support the professionalisation of the play area and specific activity facility inspection roles. The suite is uniquely designed to offer a progressive development pathway in this context. It also caters for those who wish to enhance their scope of practice through the inspection remit in a current role.  

The Transcend Level 3 Award in the Operational Inspection of Play Area and Specific Activity Facilities is the second qualification in this suite. It is for learners age 18+ and is relevant to those that have commenced a career pathway as an inspector in this context through achievement of a level 2 regulated qualification or recognised training as a routine  visual inspector. It is also relevant to those in a current role who wishes to enhance their scope of practice to include routine visual inspections. This is likely to be likely to be business owners and staff that work on new build housing estates, in active leisure settings, in schools and for councils.  

The qualification aim is to enable learners to develop learners’ skills required to fulfil the role of an operational inspector of general play area and specific activity facilities. 

The qualification objective is to provide a benefit to learners by developing competence in an occupational role. Learners will develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to schedule, perform and report on: 

  • Site risk assessments including hazard and controls  
  • Operational inspections of general play areas and facilities  
  • Operational inspections of specific play areas and facilities 

 Successful learners will be compliant with Health and Safety Law and BS-EN standards in the operational inspection of general play and specific activity facilities. Successful learners may use these skills to gain employment or to enhance their current scope of practice. 

 The qualification was developed in collaboration with industry leading educator RYNAT as the technical partner. It is validated through consultation with inspectors, industry employers, education providers and equality experts. 

 This qualification is available to be delivered to learners through education providers that comply with the Transcend Centre Recognition and Supplementary Qualification Conditions.  

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