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Ofqual Reg Number: 603/6118/9
Guided Learning Hours: 15
Total Qualification Time: 30
Start Date: 31/07/2020
Review Date: 31/07/2026
Registration Fee: £25

The Transcend Level 1 Award in Urban Images [Visual art] sits within a pioneering and progressive suite of Ofqual regulated qualifications. The suite sits in sector 09.2 crafts, creative arts and design. The intent is to enable the progressive development of learners’ visual art production and exhibition skills in an urban context.   

The aim of this qualification is to enable learners to produce a visual artwork in a selected form. The objective is to provide a benefit to learners by supporting an education pathway in creative arts. Learners will: 

  • be able to explain the purpose and elements of visual art  
  • be able to explain the benefits of urban visual art in society 
  • be able to explain the characteristics of urban visual art forms and produce an urban visual artwork in a selected form  
  • be able to review personal growth through the production of an urban visual artwork in a selected form 

The qualification delivery and assessment programme can be embedded into national curriculum programmes for art and design or offered as a value-added alternative.   

This qualification suite is developed with the JT Consultancy Urban Art Alliance as the technical collaborators. It was validated through consultation with Omnia Foundation a revolutionary independent school. 

The qualification suite is available to education providers that are compliant with the Transcend Centre Recognition and Supplementary Qualification Conditions. 

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