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Transcend Level 3 Diploma in Learning Development and Social Cohesion

Ofqual Reg Number: 603/5259/0
Guided Learning Hours: 360
Total Qualification Time: 430
Start Date: 11/11/2019
Review Date: 30/11/2025
Registration Fee: £55

Transcend Level 3 Diploma in Learning, Development and Social Cohesion is integral to a pioneering and progressive suite of Ofqual regulated qualifications that sit in sector subject area 14.1 Foundations for learning and life.

This qualification is exclusively developed for the children in care aged 14+ enrolled onto the First Star Scholars UK long term university preparation programme. First Star proudly refer to their children as Scholars.

The aim is to influence each scholar’s ability to learn, develop and contribute to social cohesion. Each scholars will be able to make sound decisions from the whole child perspective and be successful in their future higher education and employment aspirations. In attending for this qualification scholars are encouraged to be vocal and socially active individuals.

The objective of the qualification is to provide a benefit to scholars by giving them the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be successful in their higher education and employment aspirations. Whilst attending the qualification learners will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours through: 

  • Personal development
  • Academic progress
  • Creative engagement
  • Challenge and adventure
  • Social action intervention

The qualification is exclusive to the First Star Scholars through St Mary’s University, Twickenham London and Winchester University.

Universities who wish to offer this unique programme should contact First Star.

Similarly any person who wished to contribute financially to the development of these children should contact First Star.

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