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Transcend Level 6 Diploma in FIFA Technical Leadership

Ofqual Reg Number: 610/0332/3
Guided Learning Hours: 360
Total Qualification Time: 1360
Start Date: 28/02/2022
Review Date: 28/02/2025
Registration Fee: £200

The Transcend Level 6 Diploma in FIFA Technical Leadership is an Ofqual regulated professional qualification. Developed in collaboration with FIFA it is exclusively aligned to the FIFA Technical Leadership Professional Development Programme.

FIFA consulted with their Confederates and their Member Associations with the aim for this to become the first “globally recognised qualification” for technical leaders working in the game.

This qualification will enable FIFA Technical Leaders to for the distinct challenges and opportunities they face in their role. They will develop competence in the following areas:

  • Technical leadership
  • Strategic management
  • High performance
  • Coach education
  • Amateur football

FIFA’s vision is to make football truly global. Successful Technical Leaders will achieve this prestigious qualification which will enable their capability to influence the achievement of the vision.

This qualification will serve as evidence that they have been robustly assessed and externally quality assured as competent in Technical Leadership in Football at a level which is comparable to a post graduate degree. By achieving this qualification, they will have the capability to influence the societal change through the sustainable development of football and in turn impact positively on the lives of millions.

This qualification is uniquely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Ofqual regulation enables it to be recognised globally.

This qualification is exclusively delivered through the FIFA Training Centre.

FIFA News Media Release: FIFA launches new technical leadership diploma

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