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Transcend Level 1 Award in Cognitive Skills Application

Ofqual Reg Number: 603/6010/0
Guided Learning Hours: 15
Total Qualification Time: 30
Start Date: 22/06/2020
Review Date: 30/06/2023
Registration Fee: £25

The Transcend Level 1 Award in Cognitive Skills Application sits within a pioneering and progressive suite of qualifications which is exclusively designed to develop each learner’s attention, memory, thinking and reasoning skills.

This qualification sits in sector 14.1 Foundations for learning and life and is designed for learners in secondary schools to influence their cognitive skill development. This qualification is also relevant to adults who wish to develop their cognitive skills to facilitate future education and employment prospects.

The aim is to enable learners to apply their cognitive skills. The objectives are to provide a benefit to learners by enabling them to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the impact cognitive skills on educational progress
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop cognitive skills through practical applications
  • Demonstrate an ability to review educational progress associated with cognitive skills

This qualification was developed with INSPIRATUS an influential education provider in this domain as our technical collaborator. It was validated though industry consultation with Omnia Foundation a revolutionary independent school.

The qualification is widely available to any education provider that meets the Transcend Centre Recognition and Supplementary Qualification Conditions.

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