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Transcend Level 6 Award in Effective School Governance

Ofqual Reg Number: 603/4208/0
Guided Learning Hours: 23
Total Qualification Time: 71
Start Date: 18/03/2019
Review Date: 31/03/2025
Registration Fee: £80

The Transcend Level 6 Award in Effective School governance is an Ofqual regulated qualification. It is the first and only regulated qualification for school governors which is assigned the level of difficulty which is commensurate to the role that they perform. 

This qualification sits in sector subject area 15.3 Business Management due to the strategic leadership duties of an effective school governor.

The aim is to enable each governor to evidence their competence as an effective strategic leader in an educational environment. The structure and content is uniquely designed to enable the governor to practice professionally in accordance with the DfE Governance Handbook and Ofsted Education Inspection Framework.

This qualification is developed in collaboration with industry specialists B11 Education. The qualification has also been subject to consultation with the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council [CBMDC] Education Department as the industry leaders in the development of School Governors.

This qualification is available to an education provider that has that capability to maintain compliance with the centre recognition and supplementary qualification conditions.

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